How to Cleanse Your Crystals

Cleanse & activate your crystals to enhance their meaning & frequencies

Why cleanse?

It’s important to note that crystals hold on to their experiences & energies they have come into contact with (the good, bad & ugly), which is why it is important to keep its energy cleansed before programming it with an intention (especially after initially purchasing your new crystal). When the properties of a crystal are cleansed, its energy will be open and receptive to your intentions as well as activating the associated chakras.

There are many ways to cleanse (spiritually & energetically) crystals - here are a few ways we like to put them to use:


Before starting a crystal program, clear any old programming or stagnant/negative energy by returning it to nature by use of water. Clean, flowing waters from a creek, stream, or waterfall are incredibly powerful as an energy cleansing tool, but tap water will do just fine as well. Submerge your stone in the flowing water for a few moments or until your intuition tells you to stop. While doing so, make sure you have the intention of purifying your stones during this cleansing ritual.


This powerful purifying crystal is full of pure white light that magnifies the energy of anything that it comes into contact with. Using Selenite plates, bars, slabs or even pieces are great cleansing tools for your other crystals. Place your crystal/stone on the Selenite for at least 4 hours or more, which will cleanse the crystal's properties and return them to their brightest & highest frequencies.

Sacred smoke

The great thing about the sacred smoke of traditional cleansing tools like Sage, Palo Santo, and Frankincense is their versatility. With the ability to quickly carry away stagnant energy from your surroundings or the properties of the crystal, they can also be used with other cleansing practices for an extra dose of purifying effects. The sweet aroma of Palo Santo and Frankincense combined with the earthiness of Sage will also make your space smell amazing. Immerse your stones in the smoke for 30 seconds, while being conscious of your intention to cleanse and purify. 

Sunlight and Moonlight Bath

Another option to cleanse your crystals is with the power of the Sun and full Moon, which both hold the peaceful, life-giving rhythm of mother nature. When you place your crystal outside in a sunny spot for 4 hours or more, the sunlight will burn away any toxic or stuck energy, allowing the properties of the crystal to reach its full potential. The crystal can also get uplifted when you bathe it in the light of the full moon for 4 hours or longer.

Please note that not all crystals can withstand the power of the Sun, so please do your research before giving them a Sunbath.