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Lapis Lazuli Bracelet | Stone of Royalty/Wisdom/Heaven | Harmony | Intuition Enhancer | Eases Headaches & Migraines | Handcrafted

Lapis Lazuli Bracelet | Stone of Royalty/Wisdom/Heaven | Harmony | Intuition Enhancer | Eases Headaches & Migraines | Handcrafted

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Accent Bead
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  • Genuine Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli
  • Jewelry Type: Bracelet
  • Materials: double wrapped jewelry cord OR non-fray elastic nylon cord for durability and flexibility. Copper, 925 Sterling Silver OR 14k Gold Filled accent bead
  • Size (approx.): 6mm & 7.5-8mm gemstone bead or multi sized chips, 6, 5 or 4mm accent bead, standard circumference of 6.25-7 inches (unless otherwise requested in Cart Notes)
  • Colors may vary due to Mother Nature
  • Handcrafted in California


  • a symbol of royalty & honor, gods & power, spirit & vision. a universal symbol of wisdom & truth that leads to the path of Self-Knowledge, reflection & inner truth
  • a protective stone that senses psychic attack, blocks it & sends it back to where it came from keeping negative energies at bay, releases stress & helps overcome depression, harmonizes heart & mind & helps us to remind us of humility in our dealings with others
  • encourages qualities of creativity, of honesty & compassion, enhances love & faithfulness, brings good luck & fortune, enhances memory
  • eases pain (especially headaches & migraines), reduces inflammation, promotes healthy vision, bones & teeth, promotes healing, helps identify "karmic roots of dis-ease", defends immune, respiratory & nervous systems
  • opens the third eye which enhances intuition/psychic abilities, access to spiritual guidance & can be used to access alternate & past life exploration. heals, unblocks & balances the throat chakra to promote clear communication

Good to know:

  • Lapis Lazuli is a sodium aluminum silicate-rich mineral with sulphur, chlorine, hydroxyl & variable inclusions of Pyrite & White Calcite.
  • It is porous, relatively soft (5-6 mohs hardness scale), but still durable. You may notice flecks/veins of Pyrite (Fool's Gold) or White-ish Calcite among the Lazurite, this is normal (and PRETTY) - handle with care
  • Ancient civilizations deeply treasured Lapis Lazuli - used in many forms such as jewelry, armor, breastplates, sarcophagus', the Sistine Chapel, shrines, mosaics, sculptures & more for high ranking members of civilization
  • Buddhists believe Lapis Lazuli can bring inner peace & freedom from negative thoughts (Medicine Buddha)
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Disclaimer: All crystal & gemstone information listed has been collected from various sources. oOoOo that's PRETTY is not a licensed medical professional and recommends you consult a licensed medical professional for any health related queries. This information is offered for your informational purposes only and is not meant to treat or replace conventional medical care, but may very well complement other therapies. Jewelry can pose as a choking hazard, please handle & store with care & out of the reach of human & fur children.
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