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Shungite Bracelet | EMF Protection | Stone of Healing | Adaptogen | Grounding | Handcrafted

Shungite Bracelet | EMF Protection | Stone of Healing | Adaptogen | Grounding | Handcrafted

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Accent Bead
Bead Size
  • Genuine Gemstone/Mineraloid: Shungite, Type III
  • Origin: Russia
  • Jewelry Type: Bracelet
  • Materials: non-fray elastic nylon cord for durability and flexibility. Copper, 925 Sterling Silver OR 14k Gold Filled accent bead
  • Size (approx.): 7.5-8mm bead, 4mm or 6mm accent bead, standard circumference of 6.25-7 inches (unless otherwise requested in Cart Notes)
  • Colors may vary due to Mother Nature
  • Handcrafted in California


  • Shungite is the only natural source of fullerenes on the planet = contains antibacterial microbes & aids in overall purification
  • naturally conducts electricity, protects against Electromagnetic Field/EMF (inherently shields against geopathic stress, low vibrations & negative energies), reduces radial output of radiation without interfering with operations
  • for healers, Shungite helps to ensure the negative energy of others is not absorbed into your energy field
  • draws out overactive emotional patterns & is gently grounding
  • antioxidant, antibacterial, adaptogen, reduces inflammation & stress, acts as an aura cleanser, treats skin conditions, digestive system & eliminatory systems
  • activates ALL chakras, especially the root & Earth star 

Good to know:

  • wear daily on your person or place between yourself & electronics (WiFi router, cell phones, computers, TVs, etc.)
    • a 1.25in cube protects about 5ft 
  • use ONLY Elite Shungite to purify water from contaminants
  • due to the high carbon content within the Shungite beads, there may be some residual carbon dust during earlier stages of wear and this is to be expected - handle with care
  • the Shungite shine may become more matte and/or lose color over time, this is normal 
  • you may notice areas showing pyrite and/or quartz, this is normal (and PRETTY)
  • Shungite is on the more fragile end with a 3.5-4 mohs on the hardness scale, wear with care 
  • bracelets will loosen a bit over time
  • check out our Instagram @oOoOothatspretty and/or click here for more info


Disclaimer: All crystal & gemstone information listed has been collected from various sources. oOoOo that's PRETTY is not a licensed medical professional and recommends you consult a licensed medical professional for any health related queries. This information is offered for your informational purposes only and is not meant to treat or replace conventional medical care, but may very well complement other therapies. Jewelry can pose as a choking hazard, please handle & store with care & out of the reach of human & fur children.
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